Prepping for the Perfect Pout


Hello again, dear readers!

We can all agree that lips are important, right? When our lips feel nice, we feel nice. When they’re chapped and dry, it’s distracting and a bit distressing. And there is a special thrill of buying a new lip shade to adorn your pout.


What could be worse than reaching for your fun new lipstick to finish off a fresh face of makeup, only to realize that your lips are dry, chapped and flaky? Your chosen lip shade will only highlight those imperfections, especially if it is one of those unforgiving mattes, amirite?

Luckily, this dilemma is easily treatable and avoidable with a few simple steps to pamper and protect your lips. Your every lipstick application will look flawless!

Drink Up!

First and foremost…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Admittedly, I am the last person to preachwater-glass-theme-water-16490 about meeting your daily quota of water, but it does have some serious benefits!

Dry, chapped lips are a sign that your body is not getting the water it needs to function properly. Drinking enough water ensures that your skin, lips, and entire body are nourished and promoting new cell growth.

Be Gentle

Avoid licking and biting your lips, ever. The skin on your lips is extremely thin and vulnerable to damage, and being torn up by your teeth could possibly result in infection…gross. While licking your lips provides very temporary relief, saliva contains digestive enzymes that will further dry out that sensitive skin.


The first step I take while starting my morning makeup routine is using a good, natural lip balm. Some popular big brand lip balms don’t actually moisturize, but just create lipsa barrier on your lips that keeps moisture out. If feels nice and like it is working when you apply, but your dry lips will stay dry. When I use a balm with natural oils and waxes, I not only know that it works by penetrating the skin, but it contains vitamins and minerals that promote healing and protect my lips from further environmental damage.


After I have left my lip balm on long enough to sink in and soften up my lips, I scrub those lips! Exfoliating with a conditioning scrub will remove dead skin, increases blood LipScrubAmazon-400x400flow to your lips, and bonus…plumps them up a bit! Getting rid of the dead skin will make your moisturizing lip balm so much more effective and breathe new life into your pout.

You could use a toothbrush to scrub your lips, but make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and a gentle touch to avoid damaging the skin. I 100% prefer using a sugar scrub that contains nourishing oils and tastes a lot better… my choice is Dame Lip Shades Exfoliating Lip Scrub. Following exfoliation, I apply my lip balm again for another 10 minutes or so until well absorbed, then blotting or wiping off and finishing with my lip shade of choice! This routine never fails to give my lips the hydration I need from the inside out, and always results in a smooth, velvety finish.

Have a fantastic day, lovely readers…and may your lipstick always be on point.




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