The Oil Cleansing Method

Have you heard of Oil Cleansing? Does the thought of rubbing oil into your face sound really counter-intuitive? I promise you it’s not!

The Oil Cleansing Method or OCM, is simply using oil to clean your skin. It is one of the most natural and effective beauty routines out there…and allows for customization for every skin type. Even OILY skin. I for one, very much dislike wandering up and down the skin care isle at the drugstore, reading the labels on endless bottles and tubes of cleansers creams, lotions, serums…you get it. Are the claims on these labels true? How can you tell what specific ingredients will work for your skin and which ones to run far far away from? Don’t get me wrong, there will be experimenting to BlogOildo while beginning an OCM routine. But you can pronounce the ingredients, which are NOT chemical laden and abrasive.  Traditional soap and detergent based facial cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils, often times causing dry skin to become more dry and oily skin  to over-produce oil to make up for it. If your face has ever felt dry and tight after washing in the morning, but drenched in oil by noon, oil cleansing may be the answer for you. Our sebaceous glands produce oil on our faces for very good reasons…to keep our skin soft, supple and lubricated. It removes dead skin cells and irritants that could lead to blackheads and breakouts, as well as protecting our skin from the harsh elements of the environment. Our skin is an amazing organ, and that is all the more reason to treat it like royalty.


Anyway, why should you oil cleanse? As I said before, it is all natural and effective, not to mention gentle. It can reduce breakouts, redness, splotches, calm acne, and a multitude of other pesky skin problems. The idea is to use a specific combination of oils to cleanse and re-balance the skin’s natural oil production, resulting in nourished, glowing, and moisturized skin. However, there may be about a week where your skin seems to be getting worse. This is called the detox phase, and it will be completely worth it if you stick it out! In 3-4 weeks, your skin should be looking and feeling brand new. Oil is powerful! Have you ever had stubborn residue from a sticker or tape stuck on a surface?

What gets it off like a charm is mineral oil or Goo Gone. (Note: DO NOT USE GOO GONE ON YOUR FACE. JUST DO NOT.) Just as oil is powerful, it is extremely gentle. Oil attracts oil, especially the kind that has hardened with impurities and has gotten stuck in your pores, all without stripping the life out of your face. As a bonus, to me at least, oil is a wonderful makeup remover. The OCM is a routine that also uses steam, like a mini facial every night…how relaxing does that sound!?!? The steam opens up the pores and really gets out those nasty little impurities that result in blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. If extra moisture is needed after cleansing, one drop of oil BlogOil2massaged onto your skin should do the trick. Some claim that a combination of oil cleansing and a daily supplement of gelatin is an amazing anti-aging regimen.


So how does one get started with this craziness? Well, the good news is that this craziness is actually very simple, if not a tiny bit more time consuming than using a traditional cleanser. All you really need is a soft, clean, washcloth (microfiber is great!) and your oil blend. The most common oils for the base of your recipe are olive oil and castor oil. Castor oil is a natural astringent, anti-inflammatory and ideal for oily or combination skin types. In lesser amounts, it is very good for dry skin types as well. However, you should never use castor oil undiluted on your skin. Castor oil can be found in the laxative section of your drugstore, but can also be substituted with hazelnut oil. Dapper and Dame Inc now offers three special blends of cleansing oils! Concocting your own formula can be pretty daunting, so this is a great way to jump into OCM!

Some individuals use pure coconut oil as their cleanser once their skin adjusts. I recommend using caution if you try this, as coconut oil can actually clog pores or be drying. A blend of half coconut oil and half olive oil put through a blender will create a cream, and as a bonus…this blend also makes an AMAZING natural deep conditioner for your hair.

So, now onto the actual routine! I personally love how relaxing this routine is.
Apply your oil onto your dry face (dampness will interfere with the oil’s ability to penetrate your pores) and massage gently with your fingers in a circular motion until you’ve got everything covered. The massage will help break up the dirt and residue. I have to emphasize being gentle! Too much massaging or even too much oil can result in irritation of the skin. You may allow the oil to sit on your skin for a bit is great, especially when removing waterproof makeup or sunscreen. As to if you do this before or after the massage is completely up to you!
To remove, wet your washcloth with very warm water and wring it out. Hot water will damage your skin and may result in broken capillaries. Lay the washcloth over your face for a bit, and let the steam open your pores to loosen the impurities. I would recommend letting it set for about a minute or until your washcloth has cooled. Gently wipe your face with the washcloth to remove the oil. If there is still residual oil on your face, you may repeat the steaming process again, or some people prefer to use a very gentle cleanser. Using a cleanser after the OCM is called “double cleansing,” and is not as harsh as using a soap or detergent cleanser on its own. After that, you may continue on with the rest of your normal skin regimen.
Just a note, if you do this in the shower, clean the floor regularly or it will get slippery!
I think that this routine is fantastic. Personally I have seen smoother, less oily skin on myself since adopting this method, something I had failed to achieve for years with commercial cleansers. I hope you consider giving oil cleansing a try! For more information on the types of oils to try in your routine, visit my post on OCM Oils and Their Benefits. Have a wonderful day, ladies and gentlemen!

-Kelsey McDougal

Chief Communications Officer at Dapper & Dame Inc


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